Our Story

Turn Make-Believe into Hope-To-Give

It starts with a family…

The idea for Tabbies came from a family that travelled to Rwanda to meet their sponsored kids and help those in need. While there, they met so many wonderful people, had fun with Rwanda’s amazing kids, and they learned about single moms and other women that were learning how to sew in order to take care of their families. They were inspired to help. They believed that girls in America would like to buy doll clothes that also helped the families that made them. Your support of Tabbies brings this idea to life.

The mission statement

With your help, Tabbies provides moms and dads in poor nations with jobs so they can afford education, food, and clothes for their children. We help kids by selling pretty doll clothes that Rwandan seamstresses make and then giving the money from your purchase back to help families in need.

…giving the money from your purchase back to help families in need.

How does Tabbies help people in Rwanda?

Tabbies works with an organization called Africa New Life, a ministry that does a lot to help people in need in Rwanda. One way they do this is by teaching women without jobs how to sew. Many of these women are single moms trying to take care of their kids. When they know how to sew, these women are able to get jobs, make money and provide for their families. Tabbies employs some of these talented seamstresses to make doll clothes and pays them enough money so they can afford food, clothes and other important things for their kids. By sewing for Tabbies, these Rwandan women are given hope and the opportunity to provide for their families.

Tabbies is part of Tabitha’s Hope (tabithas-hope.org) a non-profit that gives all of its net profit back to help those in need in Rwanda. To learn more about our project goals, click here.

Why is it called Tabbies?

Tabbies is part of a larger non-profit organization called Tabitha’s Hope. In the Bible there is a story about a seamstress named Tabitha who made beautiful things, was known for helping the poor, and made life better for so many.  She inspires us today. So Tabbies is named after her because the doll clothes the women sew help make life better for families in Rwanda.


Tabbies and Tabitha’s Hope have a board of directors that make sure the mission of Tabbies is met. 100% of the profit will go towards the mission. Both websites will share details on how much money is being raised and how it is helping others.

Want to Help?

Our “How You Help” button has more information on ways you can join Tabbies to help. You can also help through donations via Tabitha’s Hope (tabithas-hope.org). We’re also open to your ideas! Perhaps you have a store where you can sell our products? Perhaps you want to host a party? Perhaps you have other ideas? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us at tabbies@tabbies.org or call 503-897-0052.

Thank you for dressing your doll in hope!

Dave, Bonnie, Abbie, Ben & Grace Nieuwstraten – Founders
Margie Shinn – Ambassador

Board of Directors
Dan Combes
Rod Friesen
Bonnie Nieuwstraten